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Hello, nowadays I started to interested in hardware security. Bluetooth is always interesting to me. In this blogI will not consider what BLE is and what it is used for. There is a Ble ctf.

Firstly,You have to get a ESP32 and a bluetooth dongle. You may not need the…

After I read the blog post on PostSwigger which is about ServiceNow admin credentials exposed, I began to think about whether all the credentials gathered. I set to work without a moment’s delay. I have to say that I wasn’t aware of how to find the subdomains. All I know…

Explanation of the lab : This lab has a stock check feature which fetches data from an internal system. To solve the lab, change the stock check URL to access the admin interface at and delete the user carlos. …

Hej, I am at the very beginning of this journey however I like to learn the things in detail as much as I can. Let’s jump in.

There is some information to help us to solve the lab. We have a table called users, their columns are username and password


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